Job IT Salary in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – UK

Job IT Salary in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

is an exciting topic and very sensitive and individual for both the employer and the employee. The right salary for the right job. Wishful thinking or reality?
Professional groups in the IT industry

Superficially, the occupational groups can be divided into these different categories:
Managing directors

Here you can find the best paid jobs. Surely this is very interesting but the job pyramid just lets rise few in the top positions. Target salaries up to 250,000, – Euro are possible. Of course, that depends on the size and number of employees of the company.

In sales you can find the employees with customer focus. Both the existing customers and the new customers are looked after here. Target salaries up to € 150,000 are possible. But especially in sales, the proportion of performance-related components is higher than the fixed component.

The consulting areas are to be differentiated again after in-house consulting and after consulting with the customer.

Basis for the development of software ..

Interface to the customer is the support for the customers ..